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English Teaching and Linguistics Journal (ETLiJ) is dedicated to the global advancement of English teaching-learning and linguistics practice (e.g., morphology, semantics, second language acquisition, psycholinguistics). The ETLiJ strongly encourages submissions of unpublished articles topics that are highly relevant and contribute significantly to the TEFL and TESL issue.

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Vol 1, No 1 (2020): ETLIJ - English Teaching and Linguistics Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 2020

Table of Contents


Critical Discourse Analysis on the Politicians' Social Media Posts PDF
Mandra Saragih, Arika Arika 1-4
The Effect Of Using Authentic Material As Media On The Students’ Achievement In Listening PDF
Evri Yenny Siregar, Imelda Damayanti Manurung 5-15
The Correlation Between Adjective Mastery And Students’ Writing Descriptive Text At SMA Swasta Persiapan Stabat PDF
Efrini Panjaitan, Elga Elga 16-27
The Effect of Task-Based Language Teaching On Students’ Reading Comprehension of Tenth Grade of SMK Putra Anda Binjai Students In Academic 2018/2019 PDF
Juliantina Sebayang 28-33
The Effect Of Using Inquiry Based Teaching Assisted By The Boss Baby Cartoon On The Students’ Achievement In Learning Grammar PDF
Rita Harisma, Nina Baijura Berutu 34-40

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ISSN: 2716-0831