Analysis Revenues Of Casing Cover Business Inslipper Material In Medan

Hanifa Khairiah, Hanifa Ayu Armayani, Mahbud Farid Lubis, Muhammad Ridwan, Akbar ihza vito siregar


Mobile phones or cellphones are one of the most developed communication technologies in the world. Many countries in the world are competing to produce cellphones. This happens because the demand from the market is so large. Mobile phone gloves or cellphone cases as one of the accessories used by consumers for a number of reasons, including protecting cellphones from abrasions, reducing the risk of falls, for style, etc. The aim of the study was to make people's mobile phones safer from the fall because the public now lacked protecting their own cellphones, and another goal was to determine the criteria for mobile gloves to suit the needs and desires of consumers. The type of research method chosen was descriptive analysis. the method that functions to describe or give an overview of the object under study through data or samples that have been collected as it is without doing analysis and making conclusions that apply to the public ... Income at is interpreted as the difference between the amount of revenue and costs incurred (total cost. Table 5 is a list of income from research results. Table 5. Average Business Income in medan city in 2019 that in Medan city earns income from the case business of Rp.5,200,000. Conclusion what can be taken is the product the average per pcs of the business in Medan city is 500 pcs with a selling price of Rp. 14,000 / pcs, the total business income of is Rp. 7,000,000, a variable that has a significant effect on's business income in the city Medan, namely raw materials, production costs and production results.



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