Digitalization of Fashion: A Case Study On Digital Marketing Strategy of Modest Fashion Company During Pandemic

Ghaida Rifara Elverina, Asnan Furinto


Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia had impacted a decrease of sales in the clothing commodity industry including Muslim fashion. The object in this research is Modest Fashion Company as the first Muslim fashion e-commerce in Indonesia. This research aims to propose a solution for Modest Fashion Company to enhance sales during the pandemic. The methodology using qualitative methods. The data collection method used primary data from the questionnaire and interview then secondary data. The results showed only 54 of 143 consumers who shop at Modest Fashion Company during pandemic while the others preferred to shop at another e-commerce platform. Increasing demand for online shopping through various digital touchpoints during a pandemic should optimize for any company to be sustainable by implementing digital marketing. The proposed solution for Modest Fashion Company is using the RACE Framework as a digital marketing strategy. Using an influencer, social media, and virtual try-on as a new digital touchpoint for the company to adapt.


Covid-19;Digital Marketing; e-commerce; RACE Framework

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