Analisis Kinerja Dan Pengaruh Tata Letak Bresing Eksentris Pada Sistem Rangka Bresing Eksentris (SRBE) Tipe-D Pada Bangunan Setback Vertikal

Tondi Amirsyah Putra, Fahrizal Zulkarnain


Bracing eccentric frame structure has a high ductility and rigidity so that it can become an alternative design of earthquake-resistant buildings in Indonesia. This is supported by the existence of a link element which is able to dissipate seismic energy through bracing plastifikasi links as well as elements that can improve the rigidity of the structure against earthquakes. Link contained structure relative to its length. The longer the link, then the nature of the building will resemble the framework of bearers moment, and if the shorter link it will resemble concentric bracing system. So that the long election bracing eccentric link in the system is very influential in ductility and rigidity.In both the planned link-dimensional structure using pure shear link with a length of 500 mm and dimensions of the steel link IWF Percentage distribution of stiffness and strength bracing and links in the X direction, model 1 = 61.36%, model 2 = 58.75%, and the direction of the Y model 1 = 56.38%, model 2 = 72.62%.


EBF, Link, bracing, plastification, shear, dissipation

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