Rancang Bangun Sistem Kontrol Buka Tutup Valve Pada Proses Pemanasan Air Jaket

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The control system degrees of opening and closing the valve in the steam distribution system water jacket heating process using the controller 328 ATMega microcontroller is designed to make it easier for workers to do the process of controlling the temperature of the water in the jacket. Another benefit is to be able to avoid failure in the liquefaction process in palm oil so that the oil in the previous pegolahan pipeline flowing. The method used in this research is the design that consists of several stages, namely, (1) Analysis of needs, (2) design, (3) Implementation of the circuit, (4) Testing Procedures and (5) Testing tools. The equipment is made LM35 temperature sensor, microcontroller minimum system ATMega 328 is Arduino Uno as a series of input and output controllers, servo motors as output (valve) is controlled, and the LCD as a viewer device temperature detection results. While the software is created using arduino and language "C". The performance of the whole device can work well, so that it can be implemented with matching devices in the field or in the industry.


Sensor LM35, Arduino Uno, Control Valve Open Close



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