Analisa Gangguan Arus Lebih Terhadap Kondisi Netral Grounding Resistance Aplikasi PT PLN (Persero) Gardu Induk Lamhotma

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The power transformer at the substation serves to deliver power from high voltage to low voltage or vice versa. In the transformer section there is a neutral grounding resistance mounted serially with the secondary neutral on the transformer before connecting to ground / ground that serves to minimize the fault current. One of the disadvantages of the NGR grounding system is when there is a short-circuit one-phase interruption to the ground, the soil disturbance current may be larger than the NGR value limit used. This can cause damage to NGR and other equipment. This study discusses more current fl ows in NGR under normal circumstances with cable channel length 28,215,244 feet and at a 20 kV voltage of ground capacitance with manual calculations obtained Ico = 1.167 A and in case of one-phase disturbance to the ground the greater the current Ig = 4.61 A. To prevent the enlargement of short circuit current one phase of this phase, then the measurement of neutral grounding resistance.


Transformer, NGR, Ground

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