Analisis Perbaikan Thd Tegangan Listrik Dengan Filter Pasif Studi Kasus Di Finish Mill Tuban IV PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

luqman assaffat


The effect of Harmonic impact on electric power system is very wide, one of which is can cause mulfunction on power system operation. One of the factors that can generate harmonics is the use of linear loads, among others, induction motors and the use of power electronics equipment. To Lower THD Voltage On Electric Power System In Electric Room 27 On Finish Mill Tuban IV PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk uses passive filter with sigle tuned and high pass type. This rearch concludes that the use of passive filters on electric room 27 can reduce THD Volume by an average of 1.14% for Group Expenses 547 and an average of 1.15% for Group Expenses 548 and an average of 0.41% for Group Packer Expense. However, the decrease of THD voltage is less effective, because there is THD above 5% in group 547 an 548.


Non Linear Load, Harmonics, THD Voltage, Passive Filter

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