Author has the responsibility to ensure that:

  1. The Manuscript is original work and does not involve cheating, fabrication, or plagiarism.
  2. The manuscript has not been published before and is not currently considered for publication elsewhere. If accepted by Agrium: Journal of Agricultural Sciences for publication, it will not be submitted for publication in other journals.
  3. The Manuscript does not contain defamatory or unlawful statements and does not contain material that violates individual privacy, proprietary rights, or copyright laws.
  4. The author should list the citation from the source where the quote was obtained.
  5. The authors have contributed significantly to this research including the conception and design of articles, data analysis, and manuscript writing.
  6. The author is responsible for the contents of the manuscript

Writing Guidance:

  1. The manuscript may be written in Indonesian or English with a range of words between 5000 - 15,000 words, or in maximum number of pages of 10-15 pages including drawings and tables.
  2. The manuscript should be written with A4 (210 x 297 cm) writing size and with left margin format 3.5 cm, right margin 2.5 cm, bottom margin 2.5 cm, and margin top 2.5 cm.
  3. The manuscript should be written with Times New Roman font type with 10 pt font size (excluding article title, author's name and abstract title), spaced one space, and in one column format (excepting the title of the article, author's name, and abstract).
  4. Nasakh begins with Article Title, Author Name, Author Authors Address, Author Email, Employment Institution, followed by abstract written in italics (Italic) along 150-200 words.
  5. If the article is in Indonesian language, then the abstract should be written in Indonesian language and good English and correct. If the article is in English, then the abstract should be written in English only.
  6. Submission of manuscript manuscript withOnline Submission Systemat portal or (, or
  7. Notification of acceptance: Maximum 30 (thirty) days after the date the script was submitted.
  8. Reference Writing Must use either Automatic Reference Management, Mendeley Zetero, Endnote, and the like or Query Management tools in the MS Word Software.
  9. Detail information download
  10. DOWNLOAD GUIDANCE OF WRITING AGRIUM: Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  11. DOWNLOAD TEMPLETE MANUSCRIPT AGRIUM: Journal of Agricultural Science


Principle. The introduction should contain (in sequence) the general background, the problem, thestate of the art reviewas the basis of the scientific novelty statement of the article, the scientific novelty statement, and the research or hypothesis problem. At the end of the introduction should be written the purpose of review of the article. In the format of scientific articles it is not allowed a literature review as in the research report, but is manifested in the form of astate of the art reviewto show the scientific novelty of the article and can be written conceptual development based on previous research studies.

Method. The methods used in problem solving are written in this section, Motede must be structured, clear, and understandable and appropriate in using the method.

Discussion. in this section is not re-write the findings of research, but rather do a scientific study of the results of research, rather than restate the data obtained research results. The scientific findings should be explained Scientifically include: What scientific findings are obtained? Why did it happen? Why is the trend of such variables? All these questions must be explained scientifically, not only descriptive, must be supported by scientific phenomena. In addition, it must also be compared to the results of other researchers who are almost the same topic. The results of research and findings should be able to answer the research hypothesis in the introduction.

Result: Write the findings scientifically in accordance with the method used. but must be supported by sufficient data and facts. in this section only describes the findings of research results.

Conclusion.Each article concludes with a conclusion that summarizes the answers of the hypothesis or research objectives or scientific findings obtained. The conclusion does not contain a loop of results and discussion, but rather to summarize the findings as expected on a goal or hypothesis. If necessary, at the end of the conclusion can also be written the things that will be done related to the next idea of the study.

Reference. All references in the article text must be written in the References section. Reference should contain reference libraries originating from primary sources (scientific journals). Scientific Journal a minimum of 80% of the entire bibliography) published last 5 years. Each article contains at least 15 (fifteen) reference references. Writing format used in Agrium: Journal of Agricultural Sciences is in accordance with theformatAPA 6thEdition(American Psychological Association). Citation writing and references use reference management automatically to be more consistent in citation writing and references by using a reference management application program such as Mendeley, End Note, or Zotero, or others.DOWNLOAD HOW TO USE MENDELEY

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