Instruction Manuscript Submit Online

Manuscript manuscript should be submitted via online, with the following phases

  1. Delivery manuscript done Online Submission System at portal E-Journal Agrium: Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian ( / agrium)
  2. Select the Register Menu on the Homepage Agrium, The author registers as Author (Checks role as Author) at:
  3. After the author login as Author, click on "New Submission". The article submit stage consists of 5 stages, namely: (1). Start, (2). Upload Submission, (3). Enter Metadata, (4). Upload Supplementary Files, (5). Confirmation
  4. In thesection Start, select Journal Section (Full Article), check all checklists.
  5. In thesection Upload Submission, please upload an article manuscript file in MS Word in this section.
  6. In thesection Enter Metadata, enter the data of all Authors and affiliates, followed by title and abstract, and indexing keywords.
  7. In thesectionUpload Supplementary Files, it is allowed to upload supporting data files or cover letters or other documents.
  8. In thesection Confirmation, please click "Finish Submission" if all data is correct.


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