Vol 2, No 2 (2021)

March - August

For this edtion the authors are coming from Indonesia 

Table of Contents


Technopreneurs Millennial in Indonesia: The Acquisition and Application Knowledge PDF
Ardianus Laurens Paulus 76-85
Effect of Moderation of Work Motivation on the Influence of Organizational Culture On Organizational Commitment and Employee Performance PDF
Jufrizen Jufrizen, Mukmin Mukmin, Dinda Nurmala, Hanifah Jasin 86-98
Influence Current Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio and Total Asset Turnover on Return on Equity in the Transportation Sector Industry PDF
Qahfi Romula Siregar, Defi Desvita Harahap 99-112
Factors Affecting the Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility PDF
Umi Kalsum 113-120
Analysis of Cash and Inventory Turnover in Improving Profitability PDF
Maya Sari, Andriyani Andriyani 121-132
Entrepeneur Independence Model in Improving Entrepeneur's Performance in Lubuk Pakam District PDF
Julita Julita, Nel Arianty, Muis Fauzi Rambe 133-142
Effect of Working Capital, Asset Turnover and Sales Growth Limited Return on Assets on Food and Beverage Industry PDF
Jumeida Simatupang, Eka Purnama Sari 143-154