International Journal on Education, Social Science and Research (IJESSR)

The International Journal of Education, Social Sciences and Research (IJESSR), published by the Faculty of Teacher training and education, University Muhammadiyah of North Sumatera (UMSU) of North Sumatera,  Medan-Indonesia is an open access journal that can be used As a media interaction for all scholars in various education, social sciences and research.

The subject includes textual studies and field work with various perspectives on education, social sciences, research as well as a variety of perspectives in educational interest. The journal works for Scholars, researchers, lecturers, as well as professors from various institutions and affiliates in the world.

IJESSR, published twice a year, in May and September. Always put language, linguistics, all research and also side education. The journal serves as a forum for Educational Studies, social sciences and educational research in Indonesia and other parts of the world in a local and challenging global context, supporting focused studies of specific themes and interdisciplinary studies. IJESSR has been a diffusion media and exchange of ideas and research findings so that many researchers, writers, and readers of the various learning traditions have interacted scientifically.

Nama Jurnal    : International Journal on Education, Social Science and Research

Alamat            : Jl. Kapt. Mukhtar Basri No. 3 Medan, Indonesia

Email               : And

Telp/Wa           : 081265748641

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