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Seedling Growth in Response to Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao L.) for The Provision of Guano Fertilizer and Mycorrhizal Organic Fertilizer in the Nursery | TARIGAN | Proceeding International Conference Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (ICoSAaNRM)

Seedling Growth in Response to Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao L.) for The Provision of Guano Fertilizer and Mycorrhizal Organic Fertilizer in the Nursery



This study aimed to evaluate the response of guano fertilizer and mycorrhizal organic fertilizer on plant growth cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) in nursery. The research was conducted dilahan trial University of Muhammadiyah Sumatra Utara, Tuar Street, Medan Amplas District, with a height of 25 meters above sea level. The research was conducted on 7 November 2014 untill 12 January 2015. This study used a Randomized Block Design factorial with 2 factors studied, that is guano fertilizer is divided to four levels ie G0 = Without Giving, G1 = 30 g / plant, G2 = 60 g / plant, G3 = 90 g / plant and mycorrhizal organic fertilizers is divided to four levels ie M0 = 3 g / plant, M2 = 6 g / plant and M3 = 9 g / plant. Guano fertilizer as the first factor, and biofertilizers mycorrhizae as a second factor, which the parameters measured were plant height, number of leaves, stem diameter, leaf area, fresh weight of cocoa seeds, cocoa seedling dry weight. The results showed that treatment of guano fertilizer and mycorrhizal biofertilizers showed a marked influence on the parameters of seedling height, stem diameter, wet weight of seed and seedling dry weight as well as providing the best growth response is treatment with high guano fertilizer plant G3 (24.56 cm) , seedling wet weight G3 (14.14 grams), a biological fertilizer mycorrhizal seedling height parameter with the highest value M3 (24.72 cm) diameter rod M3 (0.53 cm), M3 wet weight (14.97 grams), dry weight M3 (10.67 grams)


Guano, Mycorrhiza, Cocoa(Theobroma cacao L

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