Strategi Manajemen Penyiaran Radio Swasta Kiss Fm Dalam Menghadapi Persaingan Informasi Digital

Nurhasanah Nasution


This study aims to to see how management strategies broadcasting private radio kiss fm in the face of competition digital information. Methods used in this research is through a qualitative approach described a sort of descriptive set to know a sense of how management strategies broadcasting radio in the face of competition digital information. The result of the research indicated that segments market radio listeners Kiss Fm Medan are teenagers aged 15- 25 years.  Is a strategic objectives for business radio. To overcome competition with radio-radio nowadays, fm radio kiss remain consistent roll the latest single-single song, and the difference is that if radio another fixed twist songs that hits in recurring repeated, on radio kiss fm always songs showing that up to date. Kiss fm radio should indeed be stand out like that . Radio kiss fm radio is no longer conventional , which only convey information. But social media have expanded to, like youtube. Proved the existence of events a special occasion on the radio as the interview with artists of the youtube will be returned here on channel. Kiss fm radio management medan , have been all in one is to do a broadcast via on water, online or off water and broadcast live streaming


radio, the internet, broadcasting management


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