Author Guidelines

  1. The manuscript is the genuine research output that hasn't yet been released by publishing firms or other media.
  2. There are no instances of plagiarism in the paper. Any text that appears to be plagiarized will be immediately rejected by the editorial board.
  3. The article that follows the guidelines for citizenship must be submitted online via the Open Journal System (OJS) on the citizenship-journal portal ( Only one procedure may be selected. The manuscript must be in MS Word format and follow this article template. Next, fill out the "Register" form at the bottom to sign up as an author or reviewer.
  4. You can get the template and directions for authoring manuscript articles. The article writing guidelines and template are available in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.
  5. The section of the online submission requirements below contains the manuscript submission.
  6. The author will receive their manuscript back before to the evaluation process if it does not follow the citizenship writing criteria.
  7. The paper should have the following elements of a scientific article: (subtitles as the sequence), which are: (a) the article's title; (b) the name of the author (without an academic title); (c) the address of the associated author; and (d) the author's email. The following are listed in order of importance: (e) the keywords and abstract; (f) the introduction; (g) the research technique; (h) the research findings and discussion; (i) the conclusion; (j) the references.
  8. The images and tables are arranged in the text group subsequent to the tables or photos that are referenced. Every image needs to have a caption (Figure Caption) placed beneath it, and each image needs to have its number in Arabic format, followed by the title of the image. Arabic numbering format must be used to number each table, with the table title appearing first, and the table caption following. It should be ensured that the attached photographs print well (notice the text size, resolution, and line spacing). In the middle, between text groups, should be the image, the table, and the chart. It can be positioned in the middle of the page if it is larger. The table should not contain vertical lines, while horizontal lines are allowed only for the important point.
  1. The subtitles included in the discussion part (Introduction, Theoretical Review, Writing Methods, Result and Discussion, and Conclusion) should be numbered in the Arabic numbering order started from one. The subtitles are written in the bold and title case format. It uses the left text alignment without underline. The next expanded subtitles should be written in the bold and sentence case format, It should use the left text alignment and the numbering format level two.
  2. The manuscript can be written both in Bahasa Indonesia or English with the standard language. The manuscript should consist of fifteen (15) to twenty-five (25) pages including pictures and tables. The manuscript text ought to be written as this article template in the camera-ready mode. The article is written on A4-sized papers (210x297 mm), with custom margins as follows: left 25 mm, right 25 mm, bottom 25 mm and top 30 mm.
  3. The text of the articles must be in Time New Roman, 12pt font size, 1.5 line-spacing, separated into two columns (except for the main title, the author’s name, and the abstract) with the space between columns 10 mm.
  4. The words from uncommon or foreign languages are stated in Italic format. For the article in Bahasa Indonesia, foreign terms or words should be avoided. Each paragraph started 10mm from the left side border while there are no spaces among paragraphs. All numbers are written in Arabic numbering format, except for the new sentence.