Implementasi Kurikulum 2013 Pada Mata Pelajaran Alquran Hadits di MTs. Swasta Teladan Gebang Kab. Langkat

Danny Abrianto, Hasrian Rudi Setiawan, Ahmad Fuadi


This paper aims to find out the Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in the Qur'anic Subjects of Hadith in MTs. Exemplary Private Gebang Kab. Langkat in the Planning, Implementation and Assessment Phase. The results of this paper that the Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in the planning stage is appropriate for the Qur'anic Subjects of Hadith in MTs. Exemplary Private Gebang Kab. Langkat with learning tools made by teachers, namely syllabus and Learning Implementation Plan (RPP). In the implementation of the 2013 curriculum on Al-Qur'an Hadith subjects not directly can be fully implemented but through a process and gradual reforms means that the implementation of learning using the 2013 curriculum can only be carried out maximally on the superior class only, but in the regular class In the assessment phase, the teacher does not experience difficulties in assessing the Qur'anic Hadith subjects, except that in 2013 the curriculum is written in detailed formats in carrying out student assessments every day. It is this format that makes the assessment process difficult because of the evaluation of the Qur'anic Hadith in MTs. Exemplary Private Gebang Kab. Langkat includes three aspects, namely the assessment of attitudes, knowledge and skills. This is in accordance with the 2013 Curriculum theme, namely a curriculum that can produce Indonesian people who are productive, creative, innovative, affective through strengthening integrated attitudes, skills and knowledge.


2013 Curriculum, Planning, Implementation and Assessment



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