Developments and Challenges of Language Testing: Past, Presents, and Future

Ratna Sari


ABSTRACT: This article discusses recent developments and challenges in language testing. It starts with past, present and future parts that are applied to all measurement and frameworks in the area of Language Testing. Representation on Alderson' influential work in order to show the development of each time for evaluating language tests. It will be concisely reviewed the indication and limitations of traditional until modern assessment are compared to see the challenging of it and also the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tests. Some problems in language testing are discussed: the methods effect, classification errors, arrangement of each test, the local independence problems, and a careless attitude towards the error of measurement that happened unconsciously. This article concludes with new developments in language testing area and the problem on the context of test such as TOEFL, TOEIC, etc about four skills of English namely reading, speaking, writing and listening test.

Keywords: language testing, past, present, future assesment, error of measurement




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